What is a Grind?

The grind of a skate refers to the cut the machine makes on a skate blade. This cut is what we refer to as a Radius of Hollow (ROH) measured in 8th Inches (i.e. 3/8, 1/2,  Recently, there have been new sharpening methods developed to increase performance such as the Flat Bottom V (FBV) – a choice we offer with the Pro or MVP membership!

How to Select Your Grind

Each grind offers a unique skating performance for each player based on their body, ice surface, and preference. Below are some common variables with suggestions on grinds to use. 

MORE BITE = Deep Hollow (3/8″) | MORE GLIDE = Shallow Hollow (3/4″)

The benefit of our membership is you get to try them all! Don’t like it? Send it back for a different grind!

Body Size

Hey, we’re all made different.. Which means, based on a couple factors below, we can help you reach your skating potential!


  • Tall (You have a longer stride)
    • We recommend a grind that offers MORE GLIDE
  • Average (You have an average length stride)
    • We recommend a grind that offers a BALANCE of BITE and GLIDE
  • Short (You have a shorter stride)
    • We recommend a grind that offers MORE BITE to aid in acceleration


  • Lighter (<130lbs)
    • We recommend a grind that gives you MORE BITE
  • Average (130-180lbs)
    • We recommend a grind that gives you a BALANCE between bite and glide
  • Heavier (>180lbs)
    • We recommend a grind that offers MORE GLIDE

Skill / Experience

  • Beginner (Just started skating in the last couple years)
    • We recommend that you choose MORE GLIDE as you get comfortable on your edges and are learning how to stop
  • Intermediate (Been skating for several years, comfortable on skates)
    • We recommend you choose a nice BALANCE between BITE and GLIDE
  • Advanced (Strong on your skates, strong stride)
    • We recommend MORE GLIDE due to your strength on your edges

Ice Surface

Did you know that ice can vary in density? This means that given the environment (Arena or Outdoors), the ice can be harder or softer. 


Most Rinks that are kept under 22*F are what we consider "Hard Ice". This surface is more difficult for skates to bite into causing the skater to lose performance. We recommend MORE BITE or a deeper hollow to create a bigger edge. FBV Grinds have proven to increase performance on this type of ice.


We consider Rinks that are warmer than 27* to have "Soft Ice". With this type of surface you can get away with a more shallow grind to increase your gliding ability and maintain your feel on the edges. We recommend going for MORE GLIDE on this type of surface.


We all know the elements outside are unpredictable and so is the ice. Whether you're skating on a pond or at your local park, ice there can be quite rough and choppy. In these conditions we recommend leaning towards a grind with MORE BITE, but not necessarily the deepest cut.


We all have a position we play, moves we need to make or we are just plain picky.. Whatever the situation, we will have a grind for you!


As we also recommend for lighter-weight skaters, a DEEPER grind to give you more bite, which limits slipping the first few important strides. (3/8" or 100/75)

Top Speed

If you're out for top end speed, we recommend a more SHALLOW grind. This gives the blade more surface area, increasing gliding capabilities. Careful though! Go too shallow and you will limit your edge grip which will effect your turning ability.

Best of Both

If you're looking to have your cake and eat it too, we highly recommend skating on the Flat Bottom V (FBV) Unlike the traditional hollow, FBV maximizes edge grip and the contact patch of the blade to the ice. Thus, the most speed AND acceleration together in one grind.

(**FBV Grind ONLY available with PRO and MVP Memberships)

Radius of Hollow or Flat Bottom V?

Below are the different grind options that we currently offer. 

NOTE** FBV Sharpenings are only included with PRO and MVP Memberships. Images used are not to scale and are only for demonstration purposes

Radius of Hollow (ROH)

Radius of hollow refers to the Radius of the concave of the blade. This is the traditional way that hockey skates have always been sharpened. Typically, most skaters use a 5/8″ grind.

Flat Bottom V (FBV)

This is a newer technology in the way we sharpen skates. The Flat Bottom V (FBV) maximizes the gliding surface of the skate (speed) but can also have a more precise edge to increase your turning ability.

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