How it Works

  • Sign Up

    Choose from 3 of our different Membership Levels - Club / Pro / MVP Every membership has different benefits based on your sharpening needs!

  • Request Your Free Spare Set

    As soon as you sign up, request your first sharpening. This will be your FREE set of extra blades to use as your spare set. Use this set while you're waiting on your next sharp set to arrive or use with a different grind.

  • Sharpening Credits

    Every month you will receive sharpening credits in your account based on your membership level. Use these credits to request your sharpening(s).

  • Request Sharpening

    First, either log in to your account or click the profile icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click "Request Sharpening" and choose your skate size and grind preference.

  • Shipping

    Shipping is FREE with every Membership. Shipments usually take 3-5 days, so use your spare set until the sharp set arrives. When that happens, place your dull set back in the box and send it back to us with the included shipping label.

  • Skate

    Skate until one of your sets go dull, then simply log back in and request another sharpening. Don't worry, if you run out of sharpenings that month, you can purchase more.