MVP Membership


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The MVP Membership is geared towards the family that has 2-3 kids playing hockey. Or if you’re always on the ice (5+ days a week or about 10+ Hours), this membership easily has the best value compared to the others. This membership provides a tremendous amount of flexibility by mixing and matching different sizes and grinds. For example in one month could look like this;

Skater 1 Skater 2 Skater 3
2 Sharpenings 2 Sharpenings 2 Sharpenings
3 Sharpenings 3 Sharpenings 0 Sharpenings
4 Sharpenings 1 Sharpening 1 Sharpening

Just like the PRO Membership features, this is a great opportunity to keep multiple grinds on hand. This means whether you’re playing on hard ice or soft ice, you’ll have the best setup for your skate.

Similar to all of our memberships, we will provide you 3 sets of blades to use at no charge. This is your back up set, so be sure to keep it in your bag! When you send the dull pair in, you install these while you’re waiting for your sharp set. This way you’ll always have blades to skate on. However if you cancel, you will need to send them back to us.

What’s Included:

  • 3 Extra Sets of Blades (FREE to use)
  • 6 Sharpening Credits
  • Flat Bottom V Sharpening Option
  • Choose your grind (What’s this?)
  • FREE Priority Shipping