Terms & Conditions

Membership Agreement: (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY)


  1. There are NO sign up fees
  2. Each month you will be charged your current Membership’s monthly due
  3. You can change your billing methods at anytime through your Account Page
  4. Memberships renew each month on the day you signed up. (You can change this date after you sign up)
  5. Upon initial sign up, you will receive your EXTRA set of sharpened blades (KEEP THE SET YOU HAVE ALREADY)
  6. The second sharpening you request, you will send back your original set with the included postage label
  7. If you send us blades that are unusable or unsafe to sharpen, they will be sent back to you and you will be charged for shipping. Determining blade condition will be at the sole discretion of Sharp Skate Club. (see below)
  8. Sharpening Requests are limited to 3 at one time. You can order additional sets once we receive the other 3 dull sets back from you.
  9. Dull sets of blades are to be returned (scanned by USPS) within 3 days of receiving a sharp set of blades
  10. You can Upgrade or Downgrade your Membership at anytime **any changes will be pro-rated for that month
  11. We reserve the right to revoke any membership, at anytime.

Lost or Damaged Blade Charge:

*If any single blade is not returned back to us within 45 days after membership cancellation, you will be charged $50 per blade that is not returned. The same amount will be applied if any blade is returned to us damaged or unusable. Damaged blade examples are, but not limited to, clean breaks, excessive edge trauma from rocks/pebbles, cracks, blades that lack enough steel to safely sharpen, etc. Determining damage will be at the sole discretion of Sharp Skate Club.


  1. Every Membership includes FREE Shipping
  2. All shipments will be sent via USPS First Class (3-5 Days)
  3. Priority Shipping (2-3 Days) available only with the MVP Membership.
  4. We provide Tracking Numbers for all shipments
  5. If you lose a shipping label, just let us know and we will send you a new one 


  1. You can cancel your membership at any time, with ZERO cancellation fees.
  2. Upon cancellation, we will send you a return label for our blades at NO charge. Print it out, attach and send back to us. No hard feelings..

Membership Features We’re Working On:

  1. Blade Profiling; currently we only sharpen blades in a 10′ Radius (as we grow, better believe we’ll do it!)
  2. Adding quick-release goalie skate blades

Have a Feature you’d like to see? Contact Us!


The Legal Stuff: